Monticello Little League
Our Divisions

Welcome to the Monticello Little League 

We offer up to 6 divisions for our players.  Each is described briefly below, though please understand that we may not have enough players for each division each year.  So there may be seasons when we combine levels.  Please note that travel may be involved for some divisions, especially upper level ones. 

Little league determines age of players based on if your player was born before or after a certain date in a given year. In other words, you child could be 8 years old according to birth date, but Little League may still consider him/her to be 7 for the duration of the calendar year.   

Little League Age Calculator

This link shows how old your player is according to Little League regulations

T-Ball:  This is for Boys and Girls aged 5-6.  This division is all about making the game fun and instilling a love for baseball/softball.  Games are around 3 innings long and we use a safety ball.  Each inning every player hits off a batting tee and gets to run the bases.  The last batter of each inning gets to hit a “Home Run” and clear the bases.  Coaches don’t keep score and are on the field with the players keeping them active (rolling a ball to them, having a catch, etc, during down time).   We need coaches for this division.  You just need patience and the ability to keep it in perspective and have fun. Along the way you can teach them how to be engaged, to stay in their basic fielding positions (rather than charge at every ball and flop on it), to understand some basic fundamentals of hitting (get those hips involved), and have fun doing it.

Rookie:  This is for boys and girls aged approximately 7-9 .  This is a developmental league designed to give basic instruction in the game. In this division we do keep score and players record outs, though each team is only allowed to bat through its line-up once per inning.   We mix  together player pitch and coach pitch in this league.  Players pitch to other players until one of the following happens:  the batter puts the ball in play; the batter strikes out (and we do call strikes in this league when players are pitching);the pitcher throws four balls.  If the pitcher throws four balls, then the coach comes in to pitch.   At this stage the batter hits until he/she puts the ball in play or strikes out swinging.  All other basic rules apply.

Minors Softball:  This is an instructional division for girls aged approximately 7-9.   This league offers instruction into softball and builds fundamentals.  It is very similar to the rules of the Rookie league but for softball.

Minors Baseball:   This is for players aged approximately 9-10.  This is division has all major baseball rules as designated by Little League.  This league may be combined with Majors Baseball in some years. 

Majors Baseball:  This division is for players aged approximately 9-12.  It is our highest baseball division.   If we have enough players to form multiple teams, then we’ll have tryouts to determine teams.

Majors Softball:  This division is for players aged approximately 10-12.  It is our highest softball division.    If we have enough players to form multiple teams, then we’ll have tryouts to determine teams.