Monticello Little League


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bat should I buy my child?

Little League has passed new rules on bats that are allowed to be used beginning in the 2018 season.  Please review the new rules at and watch the video below.



Do I have to create a new account to register?

Yes, you do unless you already have an Active or Eteamz account.   Once you create the account you won’t have to create a new one the next time you register. 

When I went to register, the website is telling me that there is an account associated with the e-mail I gave it, but I don’t know the password.  What do I do?

This means you already have an Active or Eteamz account.  Hit the link that says “Forgot Password” and you will be able to reset your password and get into your account.  Then make sure all of your information is up-to-date.

May I pay by Cash?

Yes, you may.  We will hold a few on-site registration events where people can pay in person.  You may also give the money to a league official.  However, we prefer that you pay with Credit Card if possible.

How do I get you a check and/or my child’ birth certificate?

 We will hold a few on-site registration events where people can pay in person.  You may also give the money to a league official.  However, we prefer that you pay with a Credit Card if possible.  You may send us an electronic copy of a birth certificate as well. 

Do I have to purchase uniforms?

We will provide a hat and a shirt.   However, you may want to get your player baseball pants and proper shoes.   For lower levels, like T-Ball, you really don’t need a full uniform.  At these levels sneakers, comfortable pants, and/or soccer cleats will suffice.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with having them all decked out if you wish.  However, as your player moves up the ranks, you will want to get clothing and shoes especially designated for baseball.

Do I have to purchase equipment?

The league will provide bats and balls and helmets, which will be shared.  We sometimes have some spare gloves but not always.  At lower levels it may make sense not to spend a lot on equipment (like an expensive glove or a fancy bat), as your player will out-grow them quickly.  However, as your player moves up in the ranks, you may want to get them better gear (like a glove, bat, and helmet).  Safety equipment – like a cup and/or heart protector are a good idea for all levels, especially those that do not use safety balls; however, the league does not provide them.   Please note that the sharing of helmets – like any headgear – can cause problems with things like lice.    This may be a reason to obtain your own helmet.  It is also a good reason to put your player’s name in his/her hat.  You can’t imagine how many players lose their hats.

Is it ok if I drop my child off at practice or games and then leave him/her there?

Please note that coaches are not baby-sitters.  They are in charge of up-to 12-14 young players, and they can’t be expected to monitor every child at every moment.    Please don’t expect them to watch your children for you; they are there to run a practice and not to handle, for example, meltdowns and bathroom visits.  Furthermore, players who consistently act in an unsafe way (e.g. not paying attention in the field) may be asked to not take part in practice.  You can’t expect a coach to both run a practice and monitor a player who has been asked to not participate for his/her own safety.  Finally, if practice ends and you are not there, it is unfair to ask coaches to stick around until you return.   Generally speaking, it is a poor idea to leave young children at practice or at a game unattended.  It is better to stay at practice and games and then help reinforce at home the practice-techniques  you see the coaches employ.

My child’s team lost because my son/daughter was pulled so another kid could play.   My son/daughter loves to play a specific position but doesn’t get to play it every game.  I don’t like the way my child’s coach is teaching my son/daughter how to hit.    What do I do?

Little League is about having fun.  Winning is nice, but it should not come at the expense of some people not being able to participate.   And most players will not get to play the specific position they want every game, or hit in the same spot in the line up every game, or start in every game.  Our coaches are all volunteers.  If you think you can do a better job of coaching, then please consider volunteering yourself.   However, please note that it is difficult to teach baseball, especially since it requires so much patience (for the player and coach) and because it is a game that involves a lot of failure (even the best major league hitters fail to get on base most of the time).

Am I allowed on the field or in the dug-out during a game?

Only little league volunteers that have been vetted and approved by the league are allowed on the field or in dugouts during a game.  You can become a volunteer after we run a background check on you.   We encourage people to volunteer to help the league. You can sign up when you register your child. 

What do I do if I have a serious problem with my child’s coach?

If you feel the behavior of league volunteer or coach is a significant problem, then please report the issue to a league official.

Are scholarships available?

Scholarships will be considered by the League Board on a case-by-case basis for those who can demonstrate financial hardship.

When does the league start and end?

Visit our important league dates section for more information. 

Where are the games played?

Visit the section of our website on fields. 

When are games and/or practices held?

Our schedule will be completed in April.  We play against some other local leagues, so it takes a little while to develop our schedule.  Practices are held at the discretion and availability of coaches.   Thus, those are not scheduled until teams and coaches are assigned.  We encourage coaches to standardize practices by holding them consistently on the same days and in the same location.  However, that is not always feasible. 

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